Friday, February 22, 2013

other journeys to jinja (and beyond!)

One of my teammates just up and moved her husband and their four kids to Uganda. They are living on the compound of Ekubo Ministries in a house adjacent to the one that Christie and George (and their 17 children!) live in. And there, they are in the most wonderful of communities, serving and loving the villagers for the next three months.

One of my dear friends is on a flight to a town near Ekubo, and she will be there on a medical mission for the next two weeks. While she's there, she will also be contacting other ministries to work with when she moves there in May.

Another teammate is visiting Nashville this weekend to undergo leadership training with Visiting Orphans, as she will be co-leading a mission in June.

Another friend continues to work hard for her nonprofit, Hope Grafted In, which liaison with organizations in Uganda to help with their child sponsorship programs (Sangaalo included!) She is also in the midst of a journey to adopt a sweet 4-year-old girl.

All of these people (and more) are on my heart this evening, in addition to all of the children and families they will meet and minister to during their time there. Please join me in prayer for these sweet and selfless friends!

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  1. I love you pretty futterbly Fern. What's your friends name??? Maybe I can meet her while I'm there! Since Christie isn't there and all... :) I love you and will love on each and every butternug I see for you!