Monday, September 3, 2012

smalley center's personality test.

The leaders of our trip gave us the link to a personality test to help us understand our strengths and weaknesses in a group context. I love things like this. And my results couldn't have been more exact:

  • Relational Strengths: warm, relational, loyal, enjoys routine, peace-maker, sensitive feelings, accurate and precise, focuses on quality control, discerning, analytical
  • Strengths Out of Balance: attracts the hurting, can miss opportunities, often stays in a rut, sacrifices own feelings for harmony, is easily hurt and can hold a grudge, can be too critical and controlling, can be too negative of new opportunities, can lose overview
  • Communication Style: indirect, two-way, great listener, factual... weaknesses: can use too many words or provides too many details, desire for detail and precision can frustrate others
  • Relational Needs: emotional security, agreeable environment, quality, exact expectations
  • Relational Balance: needs to learn to say no, needs to establish emotional boundaries, needs to learn to confront when own feelings are hurt, realize that total support is not always possible, and know that thorough explanation isn't everything

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  1. Hey! Where did they post this? I didn't get it.