Thursday, September 13, 2012

first things first.

I'm the type of person who needs to take one thing at a time. If you give me fifteen thousand events to be excited about, I can only focus on the one that comes first. I'm not at a place in my life where I even have fifteen thousand things planned, but there are three big things coming up quickly: October 10th: last day at my current job // October 12th: head to Uganda // October 29th: start my new job.

Y'all. Let me just tell you. My mind is spinning right now. I'm feeling all sorts of emotions about the aforementioned events, and I'm certainly not feeling grounded or peaceful. I kind of feel like I'm stuck in a current that's pulling me along as I continue to flail and fight to find dry land. Know what I mean? It's frustrating. Life is happening, and I feel too discombobulated and disoriented to enjoy it. I need to be able to slow down.  I really need to pray more, journal more, and connect more with myself. I'm an introvert, and when I don't give myself time to do this, I get to feeling like I'm just all over the place. Thankfully, I've got a couple weekends coming up where I'll be able to do just that: rest.

I'm super excited about all of the changes that are in store, come October. But pray that I can be in the moment so that I can really soak in each experience, instead of looking at what's ahead. Life already goes by way too fast, and I don't want to let it just pass me by.

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