Sunday, May 27, 2012

learning through experience.

You will probably hear me say this a lot in the next few months, but it's true: I cannot stop dreaming about Africa. It's like my heart is already there. However, I am praying that God will help me focus on the day that is in front of me - I know that the time between now and then is when He will do a lot of work in me to help me prepare for the trip and for whatever is ahead. It's all just so exciting!! I've been dreaming of this trip for the past five years and now it is finally happening! God is stretching me and challenging me in so many ways, and I'm actually enjoying it, even though sometimes it can be a bit painful.

Today's devotion talks about how the true meaning of mercy cannot be taught, as it must be learned through action and experience - see Matthew 9:10-13. I'm always telling God, "I want to be more [patient, forgiving, honest, loving, etc], but I need You to tell me the steps on how to do it!!" When it comes to most things, I'd say that I learn best through lists and bullet points. But... that's not how God teaches us. He prefers to teach through experience so that we really and truly understand. Many people have asked me why I'm going to Uganda. My response is that I want to love and serve and give - and that's the truth. But I'm also going so that I can learn how to really do those things in every circumstance.

I think I need Africa more than Africa needs me.

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