Friday, May 25, 2012

a fundraising update.

Well, I'd say that fundraising for the trip is going great! Just yesterday, I reached $1,130 - I'm a third of the way toward my goal of $3,500! Thank you so much (again!) to all who have contributed so far and to all who are going to contribute. It's amazing to see how many people believe in the purpose of this trip.

Do you want to know about another way to contribute? I got an email from Visiting Orphans today letting me know that a portion of the sale of VO merchandise can be preferenced to me as well. Go to the VO store and check out the jewelry and apparel that they have for sale. Then, at check-out, select "Yes, I would like to donate to a team member", select the trip "Uganda - October 2012" and put my name in.

One of the items that you can buy online at the VO store are necklaces made at several VO ministry partners in Uganda. Each bead is made from strips of paper that are then dipped in glue to hold them together. Every time VO sends a team over to Jinja, the team buys more of these necklaces from the women and children who make them, and they bring back more of these necklaces to sell in various places around Nashville. I have a few of these necklaces myself, and I absolutely love them. They are beautiful works of art, and it is great to know that so much of the money goes directly to the people who make them. Because of these necklaces, many women and children in this program have been able to do honest work, build up their savings, and get their families out of poverty. It's incredible, when you think about it! When you buy a necklace from the VO site, $8 goes towards my trip, some goes to VO for general fundraising, and the remainder of the money goes to the women and children who made them. It's a great way to give, no matter how you look at it!

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