Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a mini-benefit.

Courtney and I have decided to join together to have a little benefit here in Nashville so that we can raise money for our trip. Courtney has a friend, Sehal, who moved here from Iran and is willing to share her story at an informal "Dessert and Discussion" type of event that we'll have at Courtney's house. My lovely friend Erin has agreed to lead worship before Sehal speaks - she is amazingly talented and we are blessed that she has agreed to help us out! My main role will be to make the desserts for the evening, and thanks to Pinterest, I've got quite a few ideas up my sleeve! Hopefully a lot of our friends will come to show their support, and we'll have Acacia necklaces there in case anyone wants to buy them (Visiting Orphans has a program where we buy them for $10 a piece and sell them for $20 - the extra $10 goes toward the seller's trip). When we've got the date confirmed, I'll let you all know! It'll be a lot of fun and really great fellowship!

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