Sunday, October 28, 2012

upon returning.

Here's an idea of what happens when people return from a missions trip to Uganda:
  • Right after going through Customs, you rush to the nearest Mexican place and gorge on queso dip and burritos.
  • Shortly after consuming the aforementioned meal, you get horribly sick because your stomach can't handle American food yet.
  • You go straight from the airport to pick up your dog from where she was staying, and you smother her in kisses for the entire night, until she finally leaves your room to sleep on the couch so you'll leave her alone.
  • You take a hot shower for an extremely long time. Then you weigh yourself and realize that you've lost 6-8 pounds in the course of two weeks from eating nothing but rice and peas while you were in Uganda.
  • After showering, you look in the mirror and see how horrible your eyebrow growth was while you were out of the country. Instead of tweezing, you use a weed-whacker to get them under control.
  • You sleep for 15 hours straight and dream of Uganda and all of the children you worked with.
  • You wake up and unpack, and you cry the whole time.
  • You review your pictures, and you cry the whole time.
  • You look at your budget and cut out a number of things that you don't need - and, let's be honest, that money can go somewhere else, like straight to those orphanages and organizations that you worked with.
  • You go grocery shopping and are completely overwhelmed. Finally, you break down in the middle of the cereal aisle because you think of those children who have absolutely nothing and don't know when they will have another meal.
  • You journal. And journal some more. And journal even more...

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