Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sangaalo babies' home.

I fell in love today. His name is Sam and he is ten months old. I will post pictures of him as soon as I get home. I've got pictures of Sam eating, sleeping, bathing, chewing on things, crawling, etc etc, so I will pretend that you are all as interested in his normal baby antics as I was.

I met Sam at Sangaalo Babies' Home, which is where we spent the day today. It was such a wonderful experience. There are thirteen babies there right now who were all abandoned by their parents. The director and owner, Damalie Nahyuha has an incredible staff who help her care for them. Thanks to a group who visited in July from 147 Million Orphans, Damalie, her family, and all of the babies were able to move into a bigger house (which is absolutely beautiful and clean and meets their space needs perfectly) and their rent has been paid for through the end of the year. She is hopeful that God will provide the funds for them to stay there next year as well, so please pray about this on her behalf! Damalie is working with Hope Grafted In to get all of the babies sponsors and, in addition, they are all available for adoption. I asked her what baby supplies she needs help acquiring, and here is the list of things that she came up with:

- assistance with rent for Sangaalo which is $300 per month
- bunk beds
- mattresses
- plastic mattress covers
- formula
- rice cereal
- cloth diapers, covers, pins
- bumbo chairs
- sippy cups
- children's tylenol and other medicine
- shoes for toddlers
- funds to go towards a reliable vehicle

If you feel led to donate towards Sangaalo in any way, items and checks can be sent to:
Sangaalo Babies
Damalie Nahyuha
PO Box 5097
Jinja, Uganda
East Africa

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  1. this is amazing you can tell me what I should donate when you are back in the USA!