Friday, June 1, 2012

kicked out of the driver's seat.

I was feeling a little discouraged last night, which tends to happen when I think I can see what God has planned and then... well... things don't happen as I predicted they would. I trust that God has a plan in regards to my hopes for the future, it's just very hard for me to not know what it is! So last night, I needed some encouragement and I needed a friend. This morning, when I came into work, I met up with my pal Shannon (who I still think is an angel in disguise). She handed me a bag of goodies with this note:

It was an excellent reminder that God hears me, knows what I need, and provides for what I need. I'm learning that it's not my job to be in the driver's seat or to be in the backseat shouting out directions. Instead of letting my mind wander about my hopes and dreams for Uganda, I need to focus on today and how God is preparing me for the trip. That is all that God is asking of me in this moment. And if I do this, as He has asked, there won't be any room for discouragement because I won't be getting ahead of myself.

Thank you Shannon, for letting God work through you! And thank you God, for working through Shannon!

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