Monday, November 19, 2012

waiting in the tension.

It's 2am and I have spent the past few hours looking at my friends' pictures from our trip. My heart aches; I miss those little children so much. I miss my team so much. I have never felt torn between two worlds before, and now I feel it constantly. I can't reconcile my life here with what I experienced over there.

I am praying and praying that God will help me make sense of it all, and that He will allow me to continue serving in some capacity. I want to stay involved with Damalie at Sangaalo, with Christie and George at Ekubo. I want to protect the children at Canaan's, ensure that they are safe, and be a voice for them.

I am not a patient person, so waiting to hear from the Lord is often very frustrating for me. I am ready to act, to do something, to jump right in and get moving. But I must wait for Him to point me in the right direction, to open doors, to speak to me about His plan in all of this.

And so, for now, I wait. And I pray. And I tell Their stories to anyone who will listen.

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